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Warehouse Services

Astyk Logistic is a modern and high-tech 3 PL operator. We offer an optimal portfolio of logistics services, with flexible adaptation for each client. Ensure maximum reliability, high quality of service and aim at improvement of operational efficiency of partners and clients.


30 500 sq.m

Total area of ​​the warehouse complex


40 000
palleto places



12 meters

Height to the joist beam, which allows to install multi-level racking equipment (6 tiers)

in the warehouse

8 000 SKU

temperature control


Ventilation system,
fire alarm system


Warehousing Logistics

Our company sees its mission in providing high-quality logistics services.The “A” class warehouse complex meets all the standards imposed on constructions of such level, the frameless high-tech steel building HONCO (Canada), the warehouse is fully equipped with internal utilities, i.e. central water supply and sewage, electricity supply, fire alarm, smoke exhaust system, water sprinkler fire suppression system, ventilation and heating.

Modern high-tech logistics is based on appropriate IT solutions.

Use of specialized software for WMS warehouse management allows online tracking of the location and movement of goods in a warehouse, perform shipping at suitable expiration dates, supporting integration with 1C. Safe storage services also include sorting, marking, cargo disposition and round-the-clock reception, and execution of orders.

For the high-grade achievement of objectives of storage and handling of goods, the following applies:

  • Modern warehouse technology STILL (Germany);
  • “PROMstahl” docking equipment (Poland);
  • racking equipment of OZ MIKRON ZAO (Russia);
  • Motorola Soulutions networking equipment


All facilities are located in the city of Astana, near major traffic interchanges and highways. The warehouse operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Among our clients are leaders of the Kazakhstan market of trade “Dream Market” LLP, “AlmaPremium” LLP, “RG Brands Kazakhstan” LLP,  “Prima Distribution” LLP, “Kimberly” LLP, “Rainbow” LLP and many other companies trust us their business. We create the best conditions for all types of goods from household chemicals to electrical engineering.

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Our company delivers from the warehouse, using the most optimal logistics schemes.

We are responsible and give a guaranty for the whole commodity distribution chain. The cargo condition is controlled at all stages of the traffic, constant monitoring is performed using GPRS, satellite and mobile communications.

  • Delivery of orders, (address to the store) according to the established schedule of delivery.
  • Delivery of goods to the network DC (distribution center) as per invoice
  • Informing the client about the current order status in real time.
  • Timely redelivery, storage of returns in warehouses of class “A” and “B”

We provide customs clearance services and thanks to a powerful network of cross-docking sites, further distribution of goods through network stores. We produce all kinds of terminal cargo handling.

We propose a solution for various companies of the FMCG sector - food producer, household products, household chemistry, cosmetics and perfumes.

  • Cross-docking,
  • Delivery warehouse store
  • Comfortable logistics during peak season.
  • Overall control of the supply chain.
  • Warehousing activities by reference to specific features of the product group.
  • Topology of the warehouse in accordance to needs of the client.
  • Maintenance of automated warehouse accounting, with the ability to control the shelf life.
  • Complex approach in-service.


Astyk Logistic is not only a logistics operator, but also an experienced guide in the goods market.

We are official distributors of such companies as:

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